Do you ever feel like you're
re-inventing the wheel?

Do you wonder how other nurses are addressing patient care needs and achieving excellence in practice through the use of evidence?

These and other questions stimulated us to develop the National Nursing Practice Network® (NNPN).  NNPN is a community of practices committed to the promotion and implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP) to improve healthcare and population health.  The NNPN is composed of over 100 community and academic healthcare systems and hospitals representing in 32 states in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Singapore.  We are excited about the work we are doing and the future possibilities for continued improvement in patient care.

Marita G. Titler, PhD, RN, FAAN
NNPN Executive Director

  • Marita G. Titler, Director, NNPN

    The NNPN represents a commitment to the promotion and implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) through a collaborative model designed to promote shared learning and participation... more

  • Written by renowned EBP experts LoBiondo-Wood, Haber, & Titler, this completely new book provides a straightforward yet comprehensive guide to planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based practices to improve quality of care and health learn more, click here.

  • We are excited to make available to all NNPN members the keynote addresses given at the March 2014 OPIS Symposium sponsored by MICHR and the University of learn more click here.

  • It has been our pleasure to highlight the poster winners of the Mercy Medical Center Courage in Innovation Evidence-Based Improvement Summit held at Mercy, Dubuque, Iowa, March 2015. All entries have now been uploaded to the NNPN website and can be found here. We want to thank Mercy Medical Center for sharing this good work with our members

  • Past Featured Nurses/Featured EBP Projects can now be found all in one place! To read about the Featured Nurses/Featured EBP Projects NNPN has highlighted over the years click here. Congratulations to all past NNPN Featured Nurses and Featured EBP Projects!

  • Check out the new podcasts on these EBP topics: Action Plans, Synthesis Table, Evidence Table, Myths & Realities of EBP, Brief Overview of Implementation, and Sustaining the Practice Change. To view, go here. Happy Viewing!!

  • The Transformation to Evidence-Based Practice Workgroup has recently reviewed and approved three updated Eye on Evidence Documents. To access these updated Eye on Evidence Documents go here. The Workgroup is also busy developing new Eye on Evidence Documents – watch this site for future updates!


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