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Featured EBP Project

Antibiotic Resistance in Lower Urinary Tract Infection in Female College Students at UHS - April 2015

Controlling the Spread of Clostridium difficile Infections with "No Touch" Room Disinfection - November 2014

Reduction of Erosion Risk in Adult Patients with Implanted Ports - April 2014

Optimizing Patients for Elective Surgery - October 2013

Sensory Stimulation with Weighted Blankets, a Trauma Informed Care Initiative - May 2013

The Poke Program: Making Needle Sticks and Procedures Less Painful for Children - October 2012

Improving Length of Stay and Patient Satisfaction by Implementing Multi-Disciplinary Rounds - July 2012

Safety Dining Program for Neuroscience Patients - April 2012

Chronic Disease Management: Congestive Heart Failure - January 2012

Emergency Simulation Team Drills in Maternity Care - October 2011

Identifying Delirium: The Confusion Assessment Method - July 2011

Prevention and Reduction of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections - April 2011

Mobilizing the Troops: A Multidisciplinary Team Takes its Stride from the Evidence - January 2011

The first Featured EBP Project was highlighted in the January 2011 NNPN Newsletter. 

Team members included Jennifer Dammeyer, RN, MSN, Noel Baldwin, RN, BSN, DonPackard, PT, MSPT, Sue Harrington, PT, NCS, Sara Smith, MA, Cathy Strachan, RN, BSN, MaryAnn Adamczyk, RN, BSN, Chris Title, RN, BBA, and Jack Iwashyna, MD. The project involves utilizing early mobility to prevent deconditioning of patients in a critical care medicine unit. Congratulations Team and keep up the good work!